BUG Matches (next BUG match TBA)

Shiloh Tactical Shooters will be running "BUG" (Back-Up Gun) matches on a scheduled 5th Thursday, rules and information below. Every month we will have several new scenarios thought up and documented, should be cool with our limited space.

Back-Up-Guns can be revolvers or pistols. 
Barrel length for revolvers cannot exceed 3". (Bring what you have, if not)
Barrel length for pistols cannot exceed 3.8".  (Bring what you have, if not)
Back-Up-Guns are .32 Caliber or larger.

All CoF are limited to a maximum of 5 shots per string of fire. There are no reloads on the clock.
Drawing from holsters of any kind is not allowed.
Use of a bag/holster for safe keeping is required, please BYO.
There is no Classification in BUG matches. Lasers/Lights/other will be allowed.
The BUG division is for club matches only and is not recognized in any sanctioned IDPA match.
All other rules for scoring and equipment will follow the standard IDPA rule book.


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